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 Bicycling Routes

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Mountain Bikes can be used on most trails and roads in Pennsylvania State Forests. Exceptions are State Forest Trails like the Donut Hole and Chuck Keiper, Natural Areas and Mid State Trail System.

Bald Eagle Valley Trail (walking/hiking and bicycling trail)

The Bald Eagle Valley Trail, named for the ridge-and-valley Appalachian Mountain area through which the trail passes, is a project of Clinton County Government, with partners Castanea, Wayne and Pine Creek Townships, the Clinton County Solid Waste Authority, and the Clinton County Visitors Bureau. Sections of the 11.5-mile bicycle/pedestrian trail are complete and open for public use, while others are still under development. A 3.4-mile stretch between Castanea and McElhattan is open, as is another 3-mile section in the McElhattan area (locally known as Spook Hollow). The trail traverses former railroad bed, abandoned township roads and active farm/township roads. The ultimate goal is to connect with neighboring Lycoming County and the Jersey Shore trailhead of the Pine Creek Rail Trail.

For questions or comments on the Trail, contact the Clinton County Planning Office at 570-893-4080.

Lock Haven RiverWalk

The City's dike/levee flood protection system features a 4.5-mile (2.25 each way) scenic walkway along the West Branch Susquehanna River in downtown Lock haven. The RiverWalk can be accessed at several points along Water Street - Lock Haven University, the Lock Haven Catholic School, Vesper Street, Jay Street (features an amphitheatre there), Grant Street, and at Memorial Park.


Eagleton Mine Camp Trail (19.8-mile non-motorized shared-use trail)


  • This trail is named for the mining village of Eagleton that existed in the area from about 1845 to 1870. During this period several mining villages existed in the Tangascootac watershed. The Eagleton Railroad climbed the Tangascootac Valley to the village on the plateau. The climb was made on a series of switchbacks that were called the “Seven Switches”. Parts of this trail follow the old railroad grade.
  • Another point of interest of this area is the site of one of Prince Farrington’s stills. Farrington was a legendary Prohibition-Era bootlegger in Clinton and Lycoming Counties.

The Trail

  • This trail is open to hikers, bikes and horses. It is marked with red rectangular blazes. The trail is just under 20 miles with trailheads on the Eagleton Road, one at Little Buckhorn Trail and the other at Shear Trap Trail. The trail provides loops that can offer a ride of 20 or more miles.
  • Cycling is challenging with many narrow, steep and rocky sections.

Getting There

  • To get to the trail from Lock Haven, follow SR 120 west (a state scenic byway) for about seven miles. Watch for the Eagleton Road on the left. From Renovo take SR 120 east for 20 miles. Follow the Eagleton Road for about 2.5 miles (near utility lines); parking is available on the right side of road. The eastern trailhead is .4 miles west of the parking area (use Little Buckhorn Trail sign).

Pine Creek Rail-to-Trail (walking/hiking and bicycling trail)


  • From Lock Haven take either SR 220 or SR 150 north about 10 miles to the Pine Creek exit, SR 44, and go north- watch for signed parking access.

Considered by USA Today as one of the top 10 great hiking trails in 2001. During the 1800’s a rail line was constructed to transport timber from the vast forests that surround the Pine Creek Valley. By 1988, the rail line was closed, but today the 60-mile trail is open for hiking and biking from the Pine Creek Gorge ‘Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon’ to Jersey Shore. There is parking and restroom facilities located along the trail, as well as privately-owned establishments. Contact the Tioga State Forest, One Nessmuk Lane, Wellsboro, PA 16901, (570) 724-2866 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Many of the other good off-the-beaten-track trails are not mapped. Explore Non-Mapped Trails!

Kammerdiner Trail- located on the Bald Eagle Mountain near Lock Haven


  • From Lock Haven, cross the Bald Eagle Creek into Castanea, turn left at stop sign and then right on Nittany Road. Follow Nittany Road until pavement ends and forestry road starts. Trail follows the Kammerdiner Run. This is a favorite of local riders.

Farrandsville Area Trails


  • Located about five miles above Lock Haven on the north side of the West Branch Susquehanna River is the small community of Farrandsville. Remains of a large old iron furnace is near the village main road.
  • Following the main road through Farrandsville will lead you to the start of the Hazard Road, which travels through some very scenic forest lands.

Graham Road

The Graham Road is a rough forestry road that follows the West Branch Susquehanna River. There are many trails that leave the Graham Road and provide many looping opportunities. Trails such as Twin Springs, Dark Hallow, and Oak Ridge offer challenging riding, and great scenic vistas. Loop your ride and explore the area then return to Farrandsville on the Carrier Road. Once you enter Farrandsville take first road to the left. 

Kettle Creek State Park Mountain Bicycle Trail

This five-mile trail starts at the day use parking lot and travels onto state forest trails and roads before returning to the park. Trail maps are available at the park office.

Sproul State Forest

Mountain Biking – All trails within the Sproul State Forest are open to mountain biking, with the exception of the Donut Hole Trail and the Chuck Keiper Trail. Most trails are kept clear over the summer, but some do become overgrown. It is recommended you contact the district office to find out which trails are better for riding. The Eagleton Mine Camp Trail offers excellent biking. Many sections are narrow, steep and rocky. The northern section is not as technical as the southern loop.

View and copy Sproul State Forest Map

Other Biking Trails in the Sproul

Mudlick / Dark Hollow Trails


  • Take SR 120 west from Lock Haven to North Bend (about 25 miles), turn right on SR 4005.
  • From Renovo take SR 120 east to North Bend (about 3 miles), turn left on SR 4005.
  • Follow SR 4005 (about 2 miles) up to the Left Branch of Young Woman’s Creek (turn left).
  • Watch for sign Mudlick Trail and park off side of road (about mile).

Bike up the Mudlick and take the Right Branch Mudlick about a mile into ride. Continue on Mudlick until you reach Pfoutz Valley Road. Turn north (right) on Pfoutz Valley Road and ride to Dark Hollow Trail and turn south (left). Follow Dark Hallow Trail to a leased camp site. Follow Campsite Road back to Pfoutz Valley Road (or take trail to pipeline to Pfoutz Valley Road). Follow Pfoutz Valley Road south until State Forest Land connects to east side of road. Follow Boundary Line Trail across pipeline and continue until you reach Left Branch Mudlick Trail, turn right and descend on Mudlick back to Left Branch Young Woman’s Creek (where you began).

  • Good points: gentle grade, winding trail with scenic diversity
  • Drawbacks: dismounts for stream crossing
  • Length: about 11.5 miles
  • Time: 2.5 – 4 hours

Upper Doctor Greene Trail


  • From Renovo drive west on SR 120 to Westport (about 6 miles) turn right on SR 4001 and follow signs for Kettle Creek State Park. Drive through park to Wykoff Road and turn left.
  • Follow Wykoff Road for about 3 miles and watch for Trout Run Road on right. Park off road and ride up Trout Run Road, then turn left onto Montour Road.
  • Ride south on the Montour Road for about half mile then turn left onto the Right Branch of Doctor Greene Trail. Follow trail down hill to Trout Run Road and the start of bike ride.

Excellent single track but needs some brushing near upper trail. Ride passes near two scenic vistas.

Left Branch Beaver Dam Trail


  • From Renovo drive west on SR 120 to Westport (about 6 miles) turn right on SR 4001 and follow signs for Kettle Creek State Park.
  • Stop at the park office for park map of biking trail. This single track runs from the Montour Road to Beaver Dam Road following the Left Branch of Beaver Dam Run.
  • There is an excellent vista at trail head, good single track. 
  • Some options for climbing hill; use the woods road / shared trail from the park office that climbs to a food plot then on to Sugar Camp Road.
  • Turn right on Sugar Camp Road and follow to the Montour Road. Turn right on Montour Road (north) for about 1.5 miles and turn right onto Left Branch Trail.

Another way up is to follow Bearfield Road to a large pipeline right-of-way, turn left onto pipeline and follow uphill to the Montour Road. At the Montour turn right and watch for the Left Branch Trail on the right. Note the pipeline is steep and avoid using the Chicken Farm Trail (steep up and downs).

Watering Trough Trail


  • From Renovo take SR 144 south (state scenic byway) about 6 miles out watch for Pete’s Run Road and turn left.
  • After about 2-3 miles watch for Watering Trough Trail on your left, park on side of road. This single track runs from Pete’s Run Road to SR 144.

The upper trailhead is on north side of Pete’s Run Road at a leased campsite. Look for the trail on the lower side of the camp clearing to the left of the latrine. The Watering Trough Trail begins its descent at a steep grade. Many riders will want to walk here (short distance). Soon the path grade gentles out and riding becomes better, although rough in places.

  • Drawback: Lower trailhead- after a great ride, the trail ends when it reaches Halls Run, you will need to dismount, ford the run and hike up a steep but short bank then over guide rail to SR 144.

Gravel Lick Trail


  • From Renovo take SR 144 south (state scenic byway) about 6 miles out watch for Pete’s Run Road and turn left.
  • Follow Pete’s Run Road for about 1 mile and watch for Gravel Lick Trail on left, park off side of road.
  • This single track runs from Pete’s Run Road to the Watering Trough Trail just before it meets SR 144.

The trail begins as a leased camp site road then continues running north (take care not to take trail running east from camp). The Gravel Lick Trail starts with a gentle rolling ridge top track. It is a little brushy but the winding single track provides some good riding. The final descent becomes very steep requiring hard braking and a hike-a-bike section.

  • Drawback: Lower trailhead- after a great ride the trail ends when it reaches Halls Run. You will need to dismount, ford the run and hike up a steep but short bank then over guide rail to SR 144.

Laurelly Fork Trail


  • From Lock Haven take SR 120 west (state scenic byway) about 22 miles to Dry Run Road. Dry Run Road (on the right) is a short distance past the Hyner crossroad.
  • From Renovo take SR 120 east about 6 miles to Dry Run Road on left. Travel Dry Run Road about 7 miles, watch for Laurelly Fork Trail on left, and park on side of road.

This trail runs from Dry Run road to Right Branch of Young Woman’s Creek Road (SR 4005). This trail has a moderate grade and a good trail bed making for ideal riding.Watch for downfalls and brush in some places.

  • Drawback: This trail has several stream crossings and dismounts. Future plans for bridges and trail shifts. We’d love to hear your suggestions.

Fork Hill Road (closed section) / MU Hollow Trail


  • Take SR 120 west from Lock Haven to North Bend (about 25 miles)
  • Turn right on SR 4005. From Renovo, take SR 120 east to North Bend (about 3 miles)
  • Turn left on SR 4005. Follow SR 4005 about 8-9 miles along the Right Branch of Young Woman’s Creek.

This loop uses the right Branch of Young Woman’s Creek Road between MU Hollow and Lebo Run Trail/North End Hill intersection. You will use the Upper End Fork Hill Road to climb the hill. This is an old rail grade so the slope is gentle. You will find the trailhead along the west side (right) of Right Branch of Young Woman’s Creek Road. There maybe a sign for Fork Hill Road, Lebo Trail, or leased campsite marker 10-C270. Cross the black and yellow bridge made of steel I-beam and continue up the Woods Road. Near top you will go around gate, and then travel a short distance to a camp road on the left.
The road maybe marked with sign Lee Hollow Trail or just a sign for leased camp 10-C264. Take camp road and just before reaching the cabin take the trail descending to the left. You are now on the MU Hollow Trail. Near the bottom the trail become a little confusing, but you should see the campsite cabin. Find your way to the leased campsite and follow the road to a bridge (closed to motor traffic). You are now at the Right Branch of Young Woman’s Creek and the other side is the Right Branch Young Woman’s Creek Road you came in on.

  • Drawback: Few sections of the MU Trail are a little steep

This is a good loop for a short ride, could be completed in 1 hour.