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Clinton County Kayaking

Clinton County rivers, streams, creeks and lakes offer a wide array of boating options for your outdoor recreation pleasure.  Paddle some of the most remote wilderness areas in the Pennsylvania Wilds along the West Branch Susquehanna River from Karthaus to Keating or spend a day waterskiing near Lock Haven in the deep water pooling created by the Tidlow Dam.

Think safety first. Please respect private property.

Boat Registrations in Clinton County


AVIS PA  17721

Un-Powered Boat Launch Permits in Clinton County


AVIS PA  17721

Fish and Boat Headquarters

Local Law Enforcement

1150 Spring Creek Road, Bellefonte, PA 16823
Telephone: (814) 359-5250

Local Outreach & Education
450 Robinson Lane
Pleasant Gap, PA 16823 
Telephone: (814) 359-5193

Boating Access in Clinton County

Kettle Creek Lake

At Kettle Creek State Park- off SR 4001

West Branch Susquehanna River Access Points

Renovo Access

Off SR 120 next to bridge at the Flaming Foliage Festival Lot
North Bend Access- off SR 120 – Reese Road, next to Tripps Store

Hyner Access

Off SR 120, south side, next to Gold Star Mothers Bridge

Lock Haven Access

Off SR 664 north side, Woodward Twp Riverside Park just above dam

Pine Access

Below McElhattan, take Pine Mt Road then River View Road near Twp Building


Check on local river and stream levels National Weather Service Prediction

Boating Water Trails

Boating Sinnemahoning Creek (Driftwood to Keating about 15 miles- canoe or kayak)
Boat Access at Driftwood Pennsylvania (intersection of SR 120 and SR 555)

Our suggestion to get on Sinnemahoning Creek is in Driftwood. The Sinnemahoning forms here by the confluence of the Bennett and Driftwood Branches- the Sinnemahoning meets the West Branch of the Susquehanna about 15 miles below Driftwood.  The best spot to access the creek is at the bridge in Driftwood, take SR 120 and turn onto SR 555-you can’t miss it. The Sinnemahoning Creek roughly follow SR 120 on one side and steep canyon walls of the Bucktail State Park on the other.

The water on this creek is clean and cool. Much of the creek has steady current with only a few slow pools that required some work to get through. You may also met occasional riffles and swift narrow channels.  You may see a Bald Eagle, white-tailed deer, and scenic landscape features.

The Sinnemahoning Creek enters the West Branch Susquehanna River at the Village of Keating. Unless you have planned on continuing onto the West Branch Susquehanna, we suggest you exit river right- just below the road bridge crossing the creek and the railroad bridge.

Boating Bald Eagle Creek I (Beech Creek to Mill Hall about 6 miles, canoe or kayak)

When many area waterways become too low for boating, The Bald Eagle Creek from Beech Creek to Mill Hall (about 6 miles roughly following SR 150) is known for reliable summer paddling. The forested walls throughout this section add to the feeling of getting away - with State Game Lands 255 protect much of the ridge and some of the lower forests. Wildlife watchers can have the opportunity to see deer, turkeys, mink, bobcat and bald eagles. During the fall the creek is loaded with ducks and geese, and turtles. Herons are present but tend to keep ahead while you approach. Parts of the trip contain small islands that may be what is left of old logging booms. Summer water levels can be a gentle paddling experience, with reliable water, easy access and a short shuttle. This trip provides nice wildlife viewing opportunities.

Boating Bald Eagle Creek II (Mill Hall to Castanea about 4 miles, canoe or kayak)

Begin this easy paddle at the access where SR 150 crosses Bald Eagle Creek (near Central Mountain High School). From this point the easy paddle will follow Cottage Lane and summer cottages creek side and the Clinton County Club golf course.  You are close to civilization but still have a good buffer zone to observe wildlife in action.  About 2 miles downstream you will need to portage, stream left, around an old wooden dam.  From here you may encounter some shallow water until the SR 150 bridge (Hogan Blvd).  From here you will pass by a flood protection levee and SR 220 and on to exit at the Castanea access near Paul Mack Blvd.

Boating Pine Creek (Ansonia at Route 6 to Jersey Shore about 60 miles, canoe or kayak)

Boating Pine Creek is one of Pennsylvania’s most scenic water trails. This 60 mile water trail offers an amazing natural experience to paddlers. The Pine Creek Water Trail begins at the Big Meadows Access Area near Ansonia, Tioga County. It is located close to where Pine Creek heads south into the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, and has adequate public parking.

Most paddlers start their journey at Ansonia (you can select shorter segments- see access points below), navigate the canyon, and then take out 17 spectacular miles later (about 6 hour) in Blackwell. If you are considering a multi day trip - Contact the Tioga or Tiadaghton State Forests office for camping information. One option is to put a bicycle in your canoe and then ride it back upstream on the adjacent Pine Creek Rail Trail to reach your automobile.  A few sections in the gorge can approach Class III, which means that novice boaters need to stop, assess the situation and portage, if necessary.  Water levels usually begin to drop in June and by mid-August some sections may be too low. Summer storms occasionally swell the creek enough to offer a few days of good late-summer or fall paddling. By checking the water level data (see above) for the gauge at Cedar Run- readings between 2.5 and 3.5 feet are considered good, and below 2 means that you may scrape the bottom in some of the riffles.

Starting at Big Meadow Access at Ansonia & Route 6

Ansonia to Darling Run (restroom, phone, water) 1.2 miles
Darling Run to Tiadaghton (restroom, camping, water) 7.7 miles
Tiadaghton to Blackwell Access- intersect Route 414 (restroom, phone, water) 8.3 miles
Hoffman Campground (restrooms, water)
Blackwell to Rattlesnake Rock (restroom, phone, water) 1.8 miles
Rattlesnake Rock to Gamble Run Access 5 miles
Cedar Run Bridge to Hillborn Fields (restroom) 3.4 miles
Hillborn Fields to Slate Run Access (general store, hotel) 2.7 miles
Slate Run to Black Walnut Bottom Access (restroom, camping)
Black Walnut Bottom Access to Ross Run Access 2.7 miles
Ross Run Access to Cammal 3.1 miles
Cammal area (restroom)
Hamilton Bottom Access
Cammal to Dry Run (restroom) 5.4 miles
Dry Run to Waterville (general store) 2.3 miles
Waterville to Bonnel Flats Access (restroom, water, camping) 4.3 miles
Bonnel Flats to Torbert Bridge 3.1 miles
Torbert Bridge to Torbert Access .6 mile
Torbert Access to Jersey Shore Access (on West Branch Susquehanna River) 5.2 miles

Boating West Branch Susquehanna River Water Trail

The West Branch Susquehanna is 228 miles long from Cherry Tree in Cambria County to the confluence with the main Susquehanna River in Sunbury. About 65 miles of the West Branch Susquehanna River bisects Clinton County from Clearfield County to Lycoming County and is a real Pennsylvania Wilds experience.

Wilderness Section- Karthaus to Keating- (about 22 river miles- canoe or kayak)

For a wilderness paddling experience we suggest Karthaus to Keating. There are no roads or houses and only an occasional train to divert your senses. Spring thaw to late June provide the best water level.  Check USGS gage reading for Karthaus – river level should be over 2’ (see link above). Please remember this is a wilderness experience – no cell service!

Begin at the Karthaus River Access river mile 132.5 (restrooms, parking, camping, water, and phone). This point can be located at the bridge for SR 879 in Karthaus. Depending on your logistics you might be best served to contact Rock River and Trail Outfitter for transportation.

Please note that river mile 127.4 Buttermilk Fall can produce class II rapids at gage level 3’ or higher.
The sides of the river are mostly flanked by State Game Lands and State Forest through this section. Wild life viewing could include deer, bear and elk.  This is also an important birding area.

At river mile 110.3 is the confluence of the Sinnemahoning Creek at the village of Keating. There is a private access point just up the mouth of this creek on the left side above the railroad bridges (before the road bridge).

Bucktail Section- Keating to Renovo Access (12.5 miles-canoe or kayak- roughly follows SR 120 east)

This river reach is within the Bucktail Trail Natural Area. The river follows SR 120 (state scenic drive) and steep mountain sides from Keating to Renovo. You will begin to see houses and some private property. Wild life is still present so keep your eyes open.

Just up the mouth of Kettle Creek is the Kettle Creek Inn that can offer rooms and a meal (about 6 river miles from Keating). In Renovo, a short walk from the Renovo Flaming Foliage Festive river lot gives you access to lodging and groceries. The Bucktail Medical Center is located in South Renovo, close to river.

Flaming Foliage Section- Renovo to North Bend Access (3 river miles-canoe or kayak)

On this short stretch you will pass Bucktail Medical Center, Bucktail High School. At North Bend you have access to lodging and grocery. The river continues to follow SR 120 east.

West Branch Susquehanna at Renovo

Hyner Hang Gliding Section – North Bend to Hyner Access (3.5 river miles, canoe or kayak)

Just past the North Bend access you will pass the mouth of Young Women’s Creek – from this point the river will flow south east.  You will pass by the Red Hill Fossil site, Hyner Run and just under the Gold Star Mothers Bridge will be the Hyner Access.  From this stretch of river you might observe hang gliders launching from the top of Hyner View State Park. Nearby is the Western Clinton Sportsmen’s facility.

West Branch Susquehanna looking south-east from Hyner

Grugan’s Section – Hyner to PennDOT’s Rest Area (6 river miles, canoe or kayak)

From Hyner to Lock Haven, SR 120 will follow the river on the south side. The south side will have a few homes but the north side will be mostly forested mountain side with the rail road following close to rivers edge. The PennDOT rest area should have rest rooms and picnic area available.

Long Section – PennDOT Rest Area to Lockport Access (15 river miles, canoe or kayak)

This is a long stretch of river without active access. Future county plans will include a new access at river mile 83 just below Bakers Run (about 2 miles below rest stop). The Tangascootack enters about river miles 77.5, Lick Run – near Farrandsville at river mile 75.5, Queens Run at mile 74 - you will soon be back in cell phone range here.  You are now close to Lock Haven’s river recreation area. The river pools and becomes much deeper because of the dam (power boating is active here).  The Lockport access is on the north side just below the Jay Street Bridge at river mile 70. Parking, water, restrooms, and pavilions are available.  Just a short walk across bridge into Lock Haven’s Downtown- food and lodging are available.  Special Note: Dam at Lock Haven – paved portage is on river right just above dam.

West Branch Susquehanna looking north-west from Farrandsville area

Great Island Section – Lockport to Pine Access (8 river miles, canoe or kayak)

You begin this reach by crossing the river and a portage around the dam. About 1 mile down river will be the Great Island – take river right split. About 1 mile Bald Eagle Creek enters the West Branch. About 3.5 miles farther will put you at the McElhattan Bridge. Here the river will take wide curves before you pass under SR 220 and an old rail road line before completing the last 3 miles to the Pine access at river mile 62. 

West Branch Susquehanna at the Great Island below Lock Haven

From this access it is another 3 miles to the mouth of Pine Creek and the Clinton County line. The next river access point would be in Jersey Shore at river mile 55 – about 4 miles downriver from the mouth of Pine Creek.

West Branch Susquehanna below railroad bridge near McElhattan

A waterproof detailed map of the entire West Branch Water Trail can be purchased at Rock River and Trail Outfitters in Lock Haven or ordered from the Lumber Heritage Regional office. 

Lake Boating

Kettle Creek Lake in Kettle Creek State Park

The 167-acre Kettle Creek Reservoir has a boat launch and boat mooring for 60 vessels at its northern end. An overnight mooring permit is required. Electric motors only. Sailboards and sailboats are permitted. Overnight mooring for park campers is also available, free of charge.

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake in Bald Eagle State Park

The 1,730-acre lake is the focal point for water-based recreation in the park. The lake extends nearly eight miles upstream and has 23 mile of shoreline. Boaters must follow the counter-clockwise traffic pattern on the lake. Unlimited horsepower permitted. The speed limit is 45 mph.

Little Pine Lake in Little Pine State Park

The 94-acre Little Pine Lake has one launch area and 25 seasonal (April 1 to November 1) mooring spaces. Electric motors only. A boat rental concession is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. Paddleboats, canoes, kayaks and rowboats are available.

Boating Sales & Service

Peters Marine Center
386 Hogan Blvd (Route 150)
Mill Hall, PA 17751