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Fishing and Hunting

Clinton County Fishing

Clinton County, PA offers hundreds of miles of rivers and streams ranging from headwaters to major river system. From the West Branch Susquehanna River to Lick Run, a State Scenic River, we have just what you are looking for.

Many waters in Pennsylvania are on private property, the listing or mapping of waters by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission does not guarantee public access. Please always obtain permission to fish on private property.

Approved Trout Waters

Baker Run – Cooks Run – Fishing Creek (confluence with Cedar Run downstream to mouth) – Greenlick Run – Hyner Run – Kettle Creek (county line downstream to Owl Hollow) – Kettle Creek Lake – Left Branch Young Woman’s Creek – Little Fishing Creek – Long Run – Rauchtown Creek – Right Branch Hyner Run – Young Woman’s Creek

Catch & Release Areas

Fishing Creek – 2 miles; from State Game Lands #295 boundary (located 300 yards downstream of the upstream SR 2002 bridge) downstream to a point 1.3 miles upstream of the lower SR 2002 bridge
Rauchtown Creek – 1.2 miles; from the confluence of Rockey Run and Krape Run downstream to the SR 0880 crossing upstream of the Ravensburg St. Park Picnic Area Young Woman’s Creek – 5.7 miles; from the Beechwood Trail downstream to a point 0.7 mile upstream of the confluence with the Left Branch Young Woman’s Creek

Trophy Trout Projects

Fishing Creek – 0.9 mile; from the private lane bridge at the Tylersville State Fish Hatchery downstream to the State Game Lands #295 boundary (located 300 yards downstream of the upstream SR 2002 bridge) and 2.1 miles; from a point 1.3 miles upstream of the lower SR 2002 bridge downstream to Fleming’s Bridge (SR 2004) at the Lamar Fish Hatchery

2021 Fishing License Pricing

Fish and Boat Headquarters – Harrisburg

Local Tackle/Fly Shop - Kettle Creek Tackle Shop

Clinton CountyMill Hall FishingLocal Fish and Boat Law Enforcement

1150 Spring Creek Road, Bellefonte, PA 16823
Telephone: (814) 359-5250

Local Outreach & Education

450 Robinson Lane
Pleasant Gap, PA 16823 
Telephone: (814) 359-5193

Kettle Creek

Located in North Central Pennsylvania, offers excellent fly fishing. Running through three counties (Tioga, Potter, and Clinton), this creek is one of the most well known in all of Northern Pennsylvania. Its headwaters are several miles above Route 44 and are small. It begins as a tumbling, little brook trout stream that grows to 40 to 60 feet across. Kettle Creek has a good population of wild brook and brown trout. Beautiful pockets, riffles, and small pools that travel through a scenic wooded area. Grass and trees line the banks making it a wonderful place to spend an evening fly fishing. Altogether Kettle Creek has sixty-seven miles of “Class A” trout waters.

Young Woman’s Creek

One of Pennsylvania's better freestone streams. Both its Left and Right Branches and its main stream hold trout. The Right Branch of the creek has a Selective Harvest Area that runs from the Beechwood Trail downstream to the state forest boundary. It does have some stream born trout and as well as holdover brown trout. Fly fishing Young Woman’s Creek is generally good anytime of the season because the water stays cool. It has a very good canopy of tree limbs that covers most of its water. The higher up the two branches you travel, the smaller the stream gets and the cooler the water stays. The stream can be accessed from SR 120 near village of North Bend. 
Young Woman’s Creek is easy to wade and has of lots of long pools with riffles between them. There are various size rocks and boulders scattered throughout the water creating pockets and hiding places for the brown trout. Young Woman’s Creek Basin drains parts of Potter and Clinton Counties, and more than 90% is State Forest land. The southern half of the basin is in the boundaries of the Sproul State Forest and the northern half is in the boundaries of the Susquehannock State Forest. A strip of land adjacent to Young Woman’s Creek downstream from Bull Run is privately owned. Several private cabins are situated along Lebo Run and Big Spring Branch in the upper part of the basin. 

Fishing Creek

Fishing Creek is one of Pennsylvania's best trout streams. Fishing Creek is the name of several trout streams in Pennsylvania but for many anglers, there is only one "Fishing Creek". It is the one in Clinton County near Interstate 80. Many call it the finest trout stream in Pennsylvania. It has an excellent population of wild brown and brook trout. Fishing Creek twist around and at one point it is headed back in the opposite direction that it ran for miles. Another even stranger thing about it is the fact that during the summer, it runs underground in two different places along its length and then reappears. This is good because the stream reemerges with cool water.
The entire stream stays cool even during the hottest days of the summer. The "Narrows" part of Fishing Creek may look like any freestone stream (not a spring creek) in the East but if you will notice, it always has a low layer of fog over it. About 25 miles of Fishing Creek is "Class A" water according to the state of Pennsylvania. Fishing Creek has two major limestone tributary streams that also add cool water to it - Cedar Run and Long Run. These are true limestone spring creeks that look like limestone spring creeks. They are narrow, 15 to 20 wide creeks with a lot of aquatic vegetation. Cedar Run has a good population of wild trout. It also has some fast water sections which adds some diversity of the normal slow moving spring creek. Its water stays in the fifty degree range.

Pine Creek

Pine Creek is about sixty miles long and it can be as wide as 100 feet. It has riffles that are a mile long. Ideal fly fishing conditions are when the height is between 1.5 - 2.0 feet measured at Cedar Run USGS station. When levels are between 2.0 - 2.5 feet Pine Creek is still very fishable but extra caution should be taken when wading and moving around. Pine Creek in northeast part of the Pennsylvania is a great fishery containing a variety of trout and smallmouth bass. It probably is one of the most popular of all the fisheries. Some parts of the creek are easily accessible from highways, and some other areas only can be accessed by boat or raft.

Hyner Run

Excellent trout fishing is available in Hyner Run, both brook and brown trout are stocked annually and native brook trout inhabit the upper reaches of Hyner Run.

Rauchtown Run

Is a stream in Clinton County Pennsylvania with extraordinary cold water and a wild trout fishery. At times this little brook is only feet wide and centimeters deep, nevertheless the waters hold wild brook trout.

Bald Eagle Creek

Nearly forty miles long, it feeds Sayers Dam at Bald Eagle State Park and eventually empties into the West Branch of the Susquehanna near Lock Haven. It is a freestone streams that is stocked by the PFBC, local sportsman's groups and private parties. Bald Eagle Creek is a freestone stream. It is limestone influenced from its confluence with Spring Creek to the inflow of Sayers Lake. Anglers fish for Bald Eagle Creek is stocked with trout sunfish, Crappies, Yellow perch, and smallmouth bass.

Sinnemahoning Creek

A tributary of the West Branch Susquehanna River. Sinnemahoning Creek (meaning 'stony lick') is formed by the confluence of the Bennett and Driftwood Branches at the borough of Driftwood. The tributary First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek joins 3.7 miles downstream of Driftwood. Sinnemahoning Creek continues 11.9 miles to join the West Branch Susquehanna River at the village of Keating.

West Branch Susquehanna River

The West Branch Susquehanna River drains most of the Allegheny Highlands, a sparsely populated forest. Despite its beautiful scenery and clear water, the West Branch is virtually without fish until it reaches Lock Haven, primarily due to acidic coal mine runoff, and does not become a good fishery until the Williamsport area. From that point, fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye, musky, catfish and panfish gets progressively better. The upper West Branch has gone through some tough times due primarily to acid mine drainage, but through the efforts of regulatory entities and the public it is making a comeback. On certain stretches of the upper West Branch, you can find good populations of smallmouth bass, channel catfish, and even a few trout in isolated areas. The river resembles a classic smallmouth bass haven as it winds through the steep remote valleys of north central Pennsylvania. The river bottom is a combination of gravel, chunk rock, and boulders. The flow is characterized by deep riffle sections, runs, and long deep stretches littered with chunk rock, boulders, and a ledge thrown in for good measure here and there. Most of the river is able to be navigated in a canoe, kayak, or jon boat.

Lick Run – State Wild and Scenic River 

If you enjoy wilderness fishing, then Lick Run is for you. It's a challenge to fish Lick Run because it is so brushy with logs and branches in the creek which offers great fish habitat. Pine and Laurel branches dip down to the water itself and the shady pools harbor some beauties. Lick Run is about 15 miles from headwater to the State Game Land 89 gate at the Village of Farrandsville – located about 5 miles above Lock Haven. 

Hunting in Clinton CountyHunting

In the Pennsylvania Wilds and especially in Clinton County, our mountains and remote forests will challenge you as much as your hunt. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has been purchasing State Game Lands since 1920. The State Game Lands system currently contains more than 1.4 million acres. Clinton County offers more than 25,000 acres of State Game Lands. This is in addition to most of the State Forest Lands that cover more than 300,000 acres open for hunting here in our backyard. Steep mountains and deep canyons- sycamores reaching from stream bottoms, secluded wooded valleys and ice cold streams characterize Clinton County in north-central Pennsylvania. Each year thousands of sportsmen hunters, hikers, fishermen, backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts visit Clinton County in the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Hunting is a major part of the Clinton County’s outdoor recreation legacy. Generations of families have made our forests their destination for hunting.  Whether the object of the hunt was a trophy buck, black bear, the elusive turkey or part of the special Pennsylvania Elk lottery, life-long hunting memories began here. 

2021-2022 Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits

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State Game Lands located in Clinton County, PA

SGL 89 is located between  Farrandsville and SR 664 near Haneyville. About 10,571 Acres.

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SGL 255 follows the Bald Eagle Mountain Range from near Beech Creek to near Mill Hall gap at Fishing Creek and SR 64. About 2,276 Acres.

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SGL 295 includes Big Mountain in Southern Clinton County between I-80 and Fishing Creek in Sugar Valley near Tylersville. About 12,860 Acres.

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SGL 321 is located in West Keating near the Clearfield County line.  About 3,195 Acres.

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Although much of Clinton County is open for hunting, please respect private property boundaries  - when in doubt, please ask for permission first.

Parts of State Forests in Clinton County, PA

(More than 300,000 acres open for hunting)

Bald Eagle State Forest – District 7

Moshannon State Forest – District 9

Sproul State Forest – District 10

Tiadaghton State Forest – District 12

Elk State Forest – District 13

Susquehannock State Forest – District 15

Over 2.2 million acres of "big woods" in the Pennsylvania Wilds beckon hunters to pursue everything from wild turkeys to ruffed grouse, white-tailed deer and black bears. Whether you're looking for an easily accessible hunting spot or a remote, wilderness hunting experience, our state forest system and state game lands have something for you. 

Big Game Hunting Information

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State Park Hunting

Kettle Creek State Park

Most of the park is open to hunting, trapping and the training of dogs during established seasons. Common game species are deer, grouse, squirrel, bear and turkey. Thousands of acres of adjoining state forest are also open to hunting.

Hyner Run State Park

About 20 acres are open to hunting, trapping and the training of dogs during established seasons. Common game species are deer, bear, turkey and grouse. Common furbearers are bobcat, red and gray fox, coyote and raccoon. Thousands of acres of adjoining state forest are also open to hunting.

Where to buy hunting license and supplies locally

Clinton County Treasurer’s Office, Clinton County Court House
2 Piper Way, Suite 124., Lock Haven, PA 17745 

Miller's Gun Shop
6945 Nittany Valley Dr., Mill Hall. 17751

Unkel Joe’s Woodshed
536 High St., Lock Haven, PA 17745

167 Hogan Blvd. Mill Hall, PA 17745

While visiting Clinton County on your hunting trip, don’t forget to stop by the original Woolrich Flagship Outlet Store and hunt for bargains on outdoor clothing and gifts. Store is located just off Park Ave in the Village of Woolrich, about 15 minutes north east from Lock Haven.

General State Game Lands and Hunting Information

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